Photo by  Ed Acker

Photo by Ed Acker

A lifetime resident of Lenox, Massachusetts, Fiorini has been exhibiting his art, mostly sculpture, here for 30 years! His pieces have been bought by Europeans and Australians, and by residents of nearly every one of the 50 States. Most of his collectors are Berkshire County visitors and second home owners from the Atlantic seaboard.

He has received acclaim in a variety of East Coast Media outlets, and his Sculpture Garden has been named "a must see in the Berkshires" by The Los Angeles Times.

Tom has received many honors and accreditation for his abilities. He was honored as the first recipient of the Annual Apples to Art Award in 2007.

He has gotten a lot of attention from the local press and an image of one of his metal chairs was selected to appear on the cover of a Canadian Text Book.

Tom enjoys meeting new people, eating healthy, and making jokes. Tom has recently beaten Cancer and has a new lease on life. Perhaps the thing he is most proud of having a part in creating is his beautiful Daughter Victoria.